«Gala» - Lightroom & ACR Preset Pack

I have been doing photography since 2006. Since then, my photographic equipment has changed: I started with a compact camera and gradually moved to a Nikon digital SLR. My photo processing style has also changed: in terms of the color, saturation, contrast, toning. Finally, the shooting process itself has changed for me: the vision of light, colors, in-camera settings. And if I were asked today to process new photos as I did in e.g. 2013, 2014 - with high contrast, not saturated, gloomy - then I would not be able to do it. Or rather, I could repeat it, but I don’t want to since my preferences have changed. Recently I decided to dig through the old archives of my photos and found a lot of Raw files, with the processing options applied to them in ACR (Lightroom). This inspired me to put together the "Gala" preset pack. I never liked (and still don't like) editing photos, and therefore I only spend about a minute on processing one picture in the editor. And I often record presets for myself, as this speeds up processing even more.
"Gala" - is a set of 17 presets for Lightroom (including mobile version) and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) recorded by me (old and new) from photos from 2011 to 2020.

See below for more details on some of the presets.
You may have noticed that most of the presets in the Gala pack reduce the number of colors and/or merge the colors. This is due to my tastes. I do similar editing in Photoshop. Therefore, as a bonus, you will also receive the "Selective Color" preset for Ps, which I often use for the "final" color editing.